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Adfly Review
When it comes to making money online then shrinking or shortening URL is the best and easiest idea to earn money online. Have you wondered that you will be paid for shortening link? I think not and of course you want to know how we can earn money online by shortening the links. Today I will give you full tutorial to make money online by shortening links.
First of all let me tell you shrinking link means shortening links into small links. For example if you have long links then you can shorten it by using Google link shortening tool goo.gl. Google will not pay you any penny for shortening links. But you don’t need to be worry we are here to help you to earn money from shortening links. There are several sites which give money for shortening links and we have listed few of genuine sites for you.

Adf.ly is an online link shortening tools that offers best CPM rates to their users. CPM rates means the rate that you will be paid for every 1000 visits in you link. The CPM rates of Adf.ly goes up to 7$ for the traffic of top tier countries like United States and United Kingdom whereas their CPM rates for Asian countries is very poor hovering somewhere. All you need to do to earn money from Adf.ly is shorten the links from Adf.ly and share it to social media. You can create an account on Adf.ly from here and start earning. You don’t need to have personal blogs or website to earn money from Adf.ly.  Once you finished sign up process, you will be redirected into a dashboard of Adf.ly where you can see your earnings and link shortening tool. Just find a viral topic from internet and copy the link of those topics and paste it to link shortening tool of Adf.ly. Then after you will get the link which look like this adf.ly/1d97d6. Whenever you will click the link you will see an advertisement on it. Adf.ly also offers affiliate program for their users where you can refer your friend and earn 20% of their earnings for life time. Let’s consider you have referred 10 friends and each of them make 5$ each day. Then altogether you will get 20% of 50$ i.e. 10$ seems fantastic you just earned 10$ without any hard work. So the affiliate program of Adf.ly is really mind blowing. So what are you waiting yet go and join Adf.ly and start earning money. The minimum payment threshold of Adf.ly for PayPal is just five dollar and for Payoneer is ten dollar. The payment frequency of Adf.ly is really amazing; they pay on Net 15, weekly and even daily if the payment options are not changed.

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